When I was a kid, one of my absolute favorite stories was “The Monster At The End Of This Book”. You know the one… Grover from Sesame Street begs you not to turn the page because there’s a monster at the end. He ties the pages together, boards them up with a hammer and nails, builds a brick wall – anything and everything to stop you from turning the page. Of course you do, and when you do, Grover loses his mind.

I loved turning the page.

To be honest, I still do. I make as much noise as I can turning the page of a book – or a pad of paper – or a calendar. I love the cracking sound. It sounds like progress to me. It feels like I’ve accomplished something, and my reward is that now I get to see what happens next.

As a writer, I can’t help but see our lives as stories we’re writing and telling as we go. We wake up to a blank page and fill it throughout the day with our thoughts and actions. And as I look back on the chapter that’s closing – and forward to the unwritten page before me, I can’t shake the question, “What kind of story am I writing?”. Is this life of mine a love story – a how to book – a mystery – a tragedy – a comedy?

It’s been all of these at times, and more. But more than anything, I want it to be an adventure. Who wants to read a book where the same thing happens page after page? No plot twists. No great success. No failure leading the hero to a better part of himself. Nothing out of the ordinary or unpredictable. Who would want to read that story?

Who would want to live that story?

Starting today, a thousand blank pages are before us, ready to be filled with the greatest adventure we can dream up.

We have to face the unwritten page, and that can be harder than it sounds.

There are all kinds of obstacles in our way, tying our pages together, boarding up our hearts, building walls around our dreams – doing anything and everything to stop us. It can seem easier to put ourselves up on a shelf than to write a new chapter. But regardless, it will be written.

Even if we don’t get out of bed, the story continues.
Even if we do what we did yesterday, the story continues.
Even lack of thought will fill the page.
Even if we’re unaware that we’re creating in every moment of every day,
With every choice and every thought… we are.

Don’t let what has been dictate what will be. You have choices. Just because something has been a certain way for some time doesn’t mean it must continue. Just because you chose something yesterday doesn’t mean you have to choose it tomorrow. Even if you can’t change your circumstances, you can change your thoughts and actions. You can absolutely change the story you’re telling.

What if we’d approach today (and tomorrow!) as a blank page waiting to be filled with the greatest story we can tell?

What if we’d lay down our past experiences, expectations, mistakes, successes – and start fresh?

What if we’d reassess the importance we give all that fills our lives and choose again?

What if we’d walk forward knowing that if we’re still here there’s something beautiful waiting for us to discover?

What if we’d turn the page of the story we’ve been writing and face the unwritten page before us?

Welcome to your new chapter. Write it well. Live it beautifully.


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  1. Jim Sterling

    We didn’t have books when I was a kid.

    1. Chance


  2. Jessica Sweet

    Thanks, Chance, for the reminder that we have in this moment the opportunity to build our future. We too often forget that we’re the authors of our lives, but here we are – thank you so much for the inspiration. (BTW, I loved that book too!)

    1. Chance

      Thanks for reading, Jessica. And for anyone who sees this, Jessica writes a great blog herself. Check it out! wishingwellcoach.com

      1. Jessica Sweet

        You. Are. Amazing. Thank you.

  3. Donna Lohr

    That was one of my favorite books, too!
    Let the 2014 adventure begin!

  4. Stephenie

    I really enjoyed this blog, it motivated me more to continue writing on the blank pages…Thanks, needed this

    1. Chance

      I’m so glad. Thanks for reading. :)

  5. Skip Prichard

    Chance, I love your typewriter picture. Awesome.

    And I appreciate your wise advice:

    “Don’t let what has been dictate what will be.”

    We can determine the last page of our own book. Let’s hope we don’t find a scary monster!

  6. Belionda

    I continue to be moved and blessed by your words! Thank you for inspiration for the new day, the new year. I will be sharing this post with many who will be blessed by it as well! Yours in God’s gracious care, b. abbott-shaw

  7. Darci Monet

    This one’s a big bowl of amazeballs smothered in awesomesauce. There is no monster at the end of this book. ;-)

  8. Diana

    Love this post. Thanks for spurring me on. I will now drink coffee without sugar, something I have been wanting to do. Don’t think this is trivial because this is the first step toward good changes. Keep shaking those pom-poms. Seriously!

  9. Barb

    Love this!! I was already excited about the new year, but this is making me even more excited. I can’t wait to see what God will do this year. I feel like I’m on the verge of a breakthrough in writing – not a breakthrough in the sense that I’m going to become a famous writer, but a breakthrough in the sense that I’m going to break free from all my writing hangups and write with joy and discipline. Which really is probably better than becoming a famous writer.

  10. Bea

    We continue to say the same thing to you Chance, hopefully you never tire of hearing it. Your words are so meaningful, so thought-provoking, so life changing. We are so grateful for your blog.

    Your words today: There are all kinds of obstacles in our way, tying our pages together, boarding up our hearts, building walls around our dreams – doing anything and everything to stop us. This morning while I was praying, I had this picture in my head of words and lies that I have believed waaaaay too long that were clinging to me, but I was pulling them off and throwing them down. I was beginning to believe what God says about me. What the bible says about me. Now that’s progress!

    So, I’m looking forward to writing by book for 2013, knowing there IS something beautiful out there for me. I just need to snuggle in, stay close and listen.

    May God Bless you greatly this year, Chance Scoggins!

  11. Anna-Emily

    I’m so full of hopes for 2013 and reading your post gave me food for thought. Thanks for neverending encouragement in your blog!

  12. dee

    How do you do it Chance!!?? I know your “gift” and calling is music..but God has given you the gift of being able to encourage and lift people with the written word too!! That is priceless!!
    Thank you once again!! This one made me cry, as I have dreaded what faces me, the dismantling of my home and Jack’s and my life together…..but I too will look forward to what is ahead and keep on keeping on with God by my side and the love and caring of my family and good friends too!

    1. Bea

      Sweet Dee,

      Whatever the reason for this distmantling, please know that God loves you dearly. I pray that your Lord shows you His new plan for you. Write your new story with the lover of your soul. Write your new story knowing you are never alone, no matter how you feel. Write your new story with fresh eyes of hope.

      With love,

  13. Noel Coleman (@NoelColeman)

    Beautifully written, Chance. Powerful reminder. I’m hoping that this chapter of my story will be titled “Submit, Simplify and Steward.”

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