Step Away From The Hammer


My Dad could build anything. He wasn’t just handy. He could create almost anything you could dream up, be it a piece of furniture, a home to put it in, or a skyscraper. It all seemed to be the same kind of easy for him. He’d say, “It’s just a box. It’s just a matter of how fancy you want your box to be.’’ Of course, anyone looking on could see the truth. He was a master.


Growing up with Superman wasn’t easy. It was actually kind of painful for a kid like me. For whatever natural ability he had, I had an equal and opposite clumsiness. My lack of skills made me hesitant to try and afraid to fail… until one day when I was in eighth grade.


A Lesson In Just About Everything

I accidentally learned one of the most valuable lessons of my life one regular day when I was fifteen.


My dad had just gotten back from the bank, and was removing the cash he’d withdrawn from an envelope.  As he counted out five one hundred dollar bills, I jokingly snatched one away and took off.  He said, “Boy, you better get back over here with my money.”  I returned, but held out the bill just beyond his reach.  He looked at me and knowingly smirked as he reached out to take it.


Of course, I jerked my hand away.  “Finders keepers,” I told him.  “It’s mine now.”