Forever, A Day At A Time

Apart from my parents, no one in my life has demonstrated to me the best of what love and marriage can be more than our friends, Mike and Nancy.  In a hundred ways, they’ve given Jennifer and me something to reach for.  So I took it seriously when Mike sat me down one night and said, “Chance, you’re changing and you’re about to screw up the best thing that’s ever happened to you.”


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The Unwritten Page

When I was a kid, one of my absolute favorite stories was “The Monster At The End Of This Book”. You know the one… Grover from Sesame Street begs you not to turn the page because there’s a monster at the end. He ties the pages together, boards them up with a hammer and nails, builds a brick wall – anything and everything to stop you from turning the page. Of course you do, and when you do, Grover loses his mind.


I loved turning the page.


To be honest, I still do. I make as much noise as I can turning the page of a book – or a pad of paper – or a calendar. I love the cracking sound. It sounds like progress to me. It feels like I’ve accomplished something, and my reward is that now I get to see what happens next.


As a writer, I can’t help but see our lives as stories we’re writing and telling as we go. We wake up to a blank page and fill it throughout the day with our thoughts and actions. And as I look back on the chapter that’s closing – and forward to the unwritten page before me, I can’t shake the question, “What kind of story am I writing?”. Is this life of mine a love story – a how to book – a mystery – a tragedy – a comedy?


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Up Ahead On The Road Less Traveled

road less traveled

A few years ago, Jennifer and I traveled through South Africa with our dear friend, Tim. I could tell a hundred stories about our trip, but there is one moment I hope to remember for the rest of my life.


While on safari, our tracker and guide was a 21 year old, little pixy of a girl named Lou. Her passion for the animals was contagious and in our short time with her, she taught us far more than we expected. Not just about nature, but about life. Having seen the world through very different eyes than me, she remains one of the most interesting people I’ve ever met.


On our way home from a game drive, Lou said, “You are very special people…I have something I want to share with you. But you mustn’t tell anyone at the ranch.’’ We all agreed, without knowing what we were agreeing to.

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A Reality Check From Right Next Door


A dear friend of ours came over tonight and we laughed our way through dinner with the girls. After she left, I turned on the television and was swept into So You Think You Can Dance. I’m a total sucker for reality TV, especially competition-based shows.  I’m always inspired to see people give everything they’ve got for the chance to change their lives. I watched in amazement, as one of the dancers gave an incredible performance. And when it was over, I looked up to make sure Jennifer hadn’t missed it.


I was surprised to see her crying.


“Are you okay?”


She looked up from her computer screen and burst into tears.  Then she read to me something that gripped my heart.

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