A Smackdown From The Easter Bunny


One of my favorite Easter memories is the year I decided The Easter Bunny wasn't real. Mind you, the year before, I was utterly convinced I'd seen him hopping away from our house on his way to our neighbors. But that was last year - I was so young and naive then. I was much more mature now, and with age came wisdom.  You couldn't fool me.

On Easter morning, my sister and I woke up and ran to the kitchen table, where our baskets always waited for us. There, just as in years past, sat my sister's basket. It was filled with her favorite goodies and a pink, stuffed rabbit she named "Bunny".  (She's always been brilliantly creative.)

To my horror, my basket was missing, and in its place, there was a note that read:

Dear Chance, Heard you don't believe anymore... Things are harder for those who don't believe.-The Bunny

On top of it sat 3 jelly beans and there was a p.s. with a clue that started me on a crazy wild goose chase through our house and all around our yard. The scavenger hunt went on and on, with stops under my bed, in the shower, in the trunk of my Mom's car, out to our mailbox, behind the tv, up a tree in our backyard - to name just a few spots along the way.

That bunny was out to prove a point, and I gotta give it to him; he did. By the time I made it to my final stop, I was exhausted!  He was obviously toying with me. My last clue led me to our laundry room. On the door of the clothes dryer, there was one last note that simply read, "Maybe you'd like to reconsider." I opened it to find my basket and a blue, stuffed rabbit.  I named him "Bluey". (I've always been brilliantly creative.)

I look back on that day all these years later with a smile in my heart... I can remember almost everything in that basket, and I can still picture Bluey's face.  It all left an indelible mark on me, and by the next year, no one believed in The Easter Bunny more than me. I was foolish to ever doubt!

Seems like I've spent my whole life moving through various stages of belief and lack of faith. In myself. In my future. In those I love. In God.

Through small things and the biggest things, life has certainly taught me this lesson over and over. Things are harder for those who don't believe. And they’re much easier for those who do. I've created a thousand obstacles by crowding out faith, or by blatantly ignoring what it was whispering to my heart. And I've torn down a thousand walls by believing they had to fall.

Easter has come and gone, but when you think about it, there’s a little bit of Easter in every single day. We wake up to a new invitation to begin again - whole and healed… shameless, courageous, empowered, and loved... A divine do over, but this time with a wisdom we didn't have before, and help we could never afford. Ours, if we only ask and believe.

Old things are made new. The past is shackled helplessly behind us. All good things are made possible, Everything works for our eventual good. Life abundantly waits for us… If we believe.

So I’ll say to you what a wise old Bunny once said to me… Maybe you’d like to reconsider.

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