I hope you’re pressing into 21 Days Of Gratitude. I am! I’m already seeing a change as I find myself looking for things to include on my list each day. Are you noticing a difference? Keep it up, and remember to BE SPECIFIC. According to the research, the more specific we are, the greater the impact.

Throughout this month, I’ve asked a few friends to share with us on the topic of living life gratefully. This week, it’s my pleasure to share a post with you from renowned Author and Speaker, Luci Swindoll. World Traveler, Art Collector, Opera Singer, Corporate Executive, Risk Taker, Dreamer… These are a few titles Luci has worn along her illustrious road. But to me, her greatest role is “friend”. There has never been a time I’ve left her presence that I didn’t feel inspired, supported and challenged.

At 80 years old, Luci has earned a perspective that few of us enjoy. I asked her to share with us because I count her among the most grateful people I know. You can connect with Luci here on Twitter. And check out the end of this post for your chance to WIN AN AUTOGRAPHED COPY of my favorite book of Luci’s!

Having chalked up eight decades of living, I can now tell you one of the most important attributes in life is to have a sense of gratitude. People with gratitude are generous, happy, fun and easy to be with. They know the difference between a catastrophe and an inconvenience. And they’re a joy to have as friends because they create blessings wherever they go. They’re not even conscious of this gift; even though they’re always giving it to everybody they meet. They’re simply thankful to be alive.

I learned this principle at a very early age from “Momo”, my maternal grandmother. Not only was she gracious, generous and grateful…she was also hilarious. Being with her always lifted my spirit. She’s the one in the family who used to say, “A day is wasted unless we fall over in a heap laughing”. But it wasn’t just laughter that turned her crank, it was recognizing the needs of others and figuring out how she could meet those needs. I can’t remember a time when she felt sorry for herself, even when she was sick, or broke, or left out. She always seemed to be counting her blessings.

Coupled with her joy of living and seeing the funny side of everything was her tendency to cater to the underdog or the stranger. Momo’s house was a harbor for people who were lonely or new in the community. She hated for anyone to hurt or suffer. And she gave all she had in time, energy and money to see that they were loved and cared for.

And creative? Oh my! She was the queen of imagination – poetry, music, letters, gifts – all of which were second nature to her. My grandparents had a big house with a huge front porch, and as children we went to dozens of parties there. We’d dress in costume, tell stories, sing our hearts out, quote poetry and play made-up games until late into the evening when everybody would sit down to a wonderful meal, prepared by Momo with the sweetest prayer of thanksgiving offered by Granddaddy. My brothers and I believed we were the richest kids in the world…and we were! We had everything money couldn’t buy!

And you know what? I’m still a rich kid. There’s not a day that passes I don’t look around and count the blessings that are mine. My gratitude knows no bounds!

So what if I’m 80? So what if it’s not as easy to lean over and tie my shoes or walk to the corner or hit the high notes? So what if I can’t do everything I used to? I can tell you this: it cost me a lifetime of living to get here and what I know now, I wouldn’t trade for all the youth in the world.

The actress, Sophia Loren puts it beautifully:

“So if you put on a little weight, find that you need glasses, get twinges of pain in your knees, and notice that a few dark brown spots are showing on your hands, don’t despair. There is a fountain of youth: it is your mind, your talents, the creativity you bring to your life and the lives of people you love. When you learn to tap this source, you will truly have defeated age”. 

Doing LIfe Differently is my favorite book written by Luci Swindoll. I love it, and I know you will, too. You can enter to win an autographed copy by sharing this post via Facebook or Twitter. Leave a comment below letting me know you did. I’ll randomly choose one or more winners on Monday, the 12th! Good luck!





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  1. Ruth Renaud

    I’m thankful Chance for you,this challenge really makes me dig deep. I have so many blessings and your writings is one of them!

  2. Deborah Patterson

    Great post! Shared on Homecoming Magazine’s Twitter…

  3. Lisa Raymaker

    What a great reminder, Chance! I shared this on my FB page so my other FB friends can enjoy it as much as I did.

  4. WendyBrz

    Joyfully shared on Twitter. Thanks!

  5. Linda Goodwin

    I Love Luci…..Swindoll. Shared on Facebook!

  6. Rory Peebles

    I’ve had the pleasure to work with Luci and I can confirm she IS the real deal! She loves people!

  7. Tamara

    Great post. Shared via twitter.

  8. Bonnie Palomo

    Love the blog and shared Luci … but she’s been sharing her whole life!

  9. Corey

    Adore Lucy! Shared on FB & I see I’m in good company.

  10. Robyn Brus

    Shared this awesome advice on Facebook.

  11. Elizabeth Roberts

    I shared this wonderful post on facebook. Please enter me in the drawing for the book. I’ve never read any of Luci’s books but I did have the privilege of hearing her speak at Women of Faith one year. She is so wise and encouraging. :)

  12. Anna-Emily

    Thank you Chance for sharing thoughts of another great person with all of us in your blog. Luci Swindoll sounds like someone we can learn a lot from. I sure shared it with my facebook friends and twitter followers. By the way, on the seventh day of my 21 days of gratitude I’m overwhelmed with all the things I’m grateful for. That’s such a journey!

  13. Pam O

    Shared on FB… Luci is one of my favorites!

  14. Kim Tunnell

    Shared. I love this WOF.

  15. amy riley

    sharing now. thank you!

  16. Ru

    Awesome and a challenge to make gratitude a way of life…not just something in November! Thanks for sharing!!!

  17. cameran

    definitely shared. Just what i needed to hear and be reminded of tonight. thank you for your post each week, and for teaming up with one wise woman for this one!

  18. Pam

    I sent the message on to friends because Luci is one wise lady.

  19. Virginia Stemen

    I need to remember this in light of the election.

  20. Sharon Strong

    Luci has such a great approach to life. I saw her speak at WOF and I would love to read her book. Thanks for sharing this.

  21. Jane Whitaker

    Great article. Just found Luci recently. Posted to FB.

  22. Alexis

    Love this post! Shared on facebook and twitter.

  23. Connie Smith

    Love it!! Thank you. I will keep this post bookmarked for an occasional reminder.

  24. Wilma Hill

    I love Luci Swindoll!! And you, too, of course, Chance! Shared on fb already!

  25. Donna

    I’ve never felt more blessed Chance, Thank You

  26. Donna

    I’m very grateful to share these pearls of wisdom. Am sharing on facebook as I have no twitter account anymore

  27. Karen Rash

    I loved the article and have shared on both Twitter and Facebook. Thank you for sharing this post via Luci Swindoll. She has incredible insight and loves life!

  28. Dawn Yost

    Loved this post, I shared it on facebook! It is so good to be reminded to be grateful for what we have and the most of our catastrophies are really inconveniences compared to what others are going through!! Thanks Chance and Luci for reminding me!

  29. Deeob

    Wonderful post….I love Chuck Swindoll and obviously his Lucy is a wonderful person as well! Thank you so much for posting this Chance! You know how much I enjoy everything you do! I did share on Facebook! :-) Even If I don’t win…I will most certainly look for her book! Thank you!! <3

  30. Julie Reynolds

    I shared on Facebook, thanks for sharing Lucia with us, she’s one of my favorites!

  31. Elaine

    What a wonderful lady! I want to be her when I grow up.
    Thanks for sharing.

  32. Debi Johnson

    What a beautiful perspective!

  33. Deana O'Hara

    Very nice post. I love Luci’s wisdom. Shared it on FB Chance. I’m enjoying the 21 days of gratitude. Thank you!

  34. GinaG

    Thanks for sharing this Chance! I love Luci’s wisdom and wit and shared your link on FB. And thanks for the 21 Days Challenge – it’s come at a really key time for me, as I’ve been really battling discouragement recently. I found that I’ve become one of those “I’m thankful…but,” people and that is not how I want to live! One thing that’s going on my gratitude list today is reconnecting with you via FB and your blog…what an inspiration you have been over the past few months. You have a wonderful gift of crafting words to convey great wisdom and insight…thank you for sharing it with the rest of the world. We need to hear what you have to say. Bless you!!

  35. Tonda

    It is this kind of attitude that keeps one alive for many, many years. A grateful heart is a peaceful heart. Thanks, Chance, for sharing Luci’s words. I have shared this in many ways with many folks – Twitter, FB, email… It’s a word that needs to be ingested by us all.

  36. LI

    Love this post! Just shared on Twitter.

  37. Amy

    Thanks for the reminder that it’s the little things we need to be grateful for and to not always look at the physical. I shared on facebook for all my friends who are doing the month long gratitude challenge.

  38. becky lallerstedt

    Thanks Chance…I shared this with my friends on facebook.
    The Lord told me this morning to share this same message with a friend of mine.
    Thanks for the confirmation ! I’m sending it on to her now….
    Love you,

  39. Jennifer Clause

    I shared this on my FB page ! What a great reminder about what the end result is of living gratefully!

  40. crystal

    I shared this blog, as I do with all of your others. I have a few friends that are doing a gratitude journal and we are truly grateful for the challenge. I’ve also included my kids along in this journey. Today I am grateful for the internet which allows me to be connected to so many others who want to live life fully engaged with all that God has for us. I’m grateful for the cooler weather so my husband and I can go bike riding together while the kids sleep. I’m grateful that my oldest is old enough so I feel secure leaving them in the house while we go riding.

    Thank you again for your words. There has yet been a blog of your that I haven’t walked away encouraged and challenged to see life through a new perspective.

  41. Jeanne

    LOVE Luci Swindoll, and I shared on FB!

  42. Bev Herrema

    Hey Chance – Wow! Luci is almost as inspirational as YOU are! LOL. …. Linked it to my Facebook. Have a wonderful day! Don’t forget to vote! :)

  43. Cheryl Harman

    My pleasure to tweet. Luci is an inspiration!

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