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My friend, Robert D Smith, is one of the most free living, out of the box thinking, mold breakers I know! Every time I’m with him, I leave inspired and challenged. He has a truly unique perspective and is among the happiest, most upbeat people I know. Best of all, it’s real. What you see is what you get.

Over the course of our friendship, I’ve come to realize that Robert lives differently than the rest of us because he thinks differently the rest of us. For instance, I recently asked him what he would say to my friend who has a very common problem. She struggles to stay optimistic and hopeful in a job where she’s miserable and unfulfilled. It seems to her that she’s wasting her life away.

He said, “Chance, that’s someone who believes they’ll be around for a long, long time. I wonder what her perspective would be if she believed she was living her last day… You wanna know something? I wake up every morning surprised that I’m still here. In fact, my first thought most mornings is, ‘Wow!  I’m still alive! This is amazing! I get to do it again! I get another shot at this! And I get up determined to make the most of THIS day…because after all, it’s probably going to be my last. When you look at life like that, like you’re probably living your last day, it flips everything around. That miserable job doesn’t seem so miserable. You’ll find a way to enjoy the day regardless. You find some extra grace for the person who makes you nuts. Maybe you even bring in a cake to work. You bring the party with you and people will follow your lead. There’s no way you’d allow yourself to be miserable and unfulfilled…not on your last day!”

Robert challenges my thinking and ignites my sense of urgency. And he’s dedicated his life to encouraging and equipping others. For the last 33 years, he’s managed the career of renowned Author and Speaker, Andy Andrews (The Traveler’s Gift, The Noticer, How To Kill 11 Million People). Together, they’ve helped millions of people reach their potential through practical wisdom shared through artful storytelling.

Below, there’s a clip from an interview I recently shot with Robert about his new and powerful book, 20,000 Days And Counting. I asked him what principle he finds most helpful in his own life. He answered with two simple, but effective questions that he says constantly guide him forward.

I recommend this book because it doesn’t leave you inspired but clueless as to what to do next, as so many others do. It’s filled from cover to cover with practical application, questions and processes to help you cultivate the life you’re meant to be living.

By design, you can read it in about an hour, but you’ll chew on the concepts long after you’re finished. Every one of us can greatly benefit from reading and applying 20,000 Days And Counting. But for some, it’s the tool you’ve been looking for to help you take your life back.

Life is zooming by. Time is growing shorter and shorter each day. 20,000 Days And Counting will challenge, equip and encourage you to make the most of yours.

To learn more, check it out HERE.

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  1. Skip Prichard

    I’m biased — both of you are terrific. This book is awesome. It will help you jumpstart, kickstart and restart your life! What a great interview!

    1. Chance

      Thanks so much, Skip! :)

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