What Makes Us Rich?

gold and dollarsI live in a nice house.


It’s located in a neighborhood filled with SUVs and white picket fences, in a town with great schools and all the comfort and convenience of life in middle-class America.


I’ve got more space than I need.


I’ve got more things than I need.

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Like Daughter, Like Father


Last week, I was catching up on some emails after Jen and I put the girls to bed. About an hour later, Jalen got up to go potty and she came in to cuddle with me before she headed back. That’s not technically allowed, but these moments are growing rarer with each passing day, so I wasn’t about to deny her. I closed my computer and set it to the side. Half asleep, she crawled into my arms, closed her eyes and began to drift. Who was this way too big 6-year old curled up in my arms? How did we get here? In that moment, I recounted how much she’d grown and changed in these short years. A happy thought and a sad one too.


I held her for a few minutes more and sang her favorite bedtime song. Jalen opened her eyes and smiled as I sang. When the song was finished, she sat up and gave me one of those hugs you wait for as a parent. Before I sent her off to bed, I looked her deep in the eyes and said, “Jalenboo, I could make a BIG ole list of all the ways you’re special. Do you know that?”

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Who Do You Think You Are?!

who do you think you are2

“Who do you think you are?”


If I’m quiet and still, I can still remember the sting of those words the first time they were hurled at me.


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The Most Important Thing When You’re “In Between”

in between

Last night, I had dinner with a good friend and mentor of mine. He was recently let go from a Senior Management position when his company merged with a larger one. After more than 20 years, suddenly he’s starting over. Trouble is, he has no clue what he should do or wants to do. He’s never done anything professionally without great passion. And once you’ve operated at that level of success for so long, starting over is daunting…especially with everyone watching. He senses there’s something important ahead…but what?

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