The Most Important Thing When You’re “In Between”

in between

Last night, I had dinner with a good friend and mentor of mine. He was recently let go from a Senior Management position when his company merged with a larger one. After more than 20 years, suddenly he’s starting over. Trouble is, he has no clue what he should do or wants to do. He’s never done anything professionally without great passion. And once you’ve operated at that level of success for so long, starting over is daunting…especially with everyone watching. He senses there’s something important ahead…but what?

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Why Not You

why not you?

Someone will obliterate the status quo.

Someone will rise above what’s common and take hold of what could be.

They’ll discover the outer reaches of their capabilities,

Breaking the glass ceiling,

As the rest of us watch in wonder.


Why Not You?


Someone out there won’t be confined by boundaries drawn for them by someone else.

They won’t be stopped by the word no.

They won’t be limited by adversity or fear.

They’ll rise against the odds, in spite of very real obstacles,

And will inspire those of us following steps behind.


Why Not You?

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Fighting For Your Chance To Fly


There’s a tree that stands outside my office window on the second floor of our house. Early this summer, a robin decided it looked like a cozy place to call home and she gave me a birds eye view as she built a nest. (See what I did there?)


It was fascinating to watch her knit all kinds of twigs and dirt and pine needles together to build a beautiful home. A few weeks later, three little eggs appeared and soon after, three baby chicks. Our girls made it their main goal in life to check in on the babies at least 20 times a day. And when the mama would return home with a worm, you would have thought it was Christmas morning! They were hysterical and precious watching her feed her babies.


About a week ago, I heard Mama squawking really loudly. When I looked out the window to see what was going on, I found her standing on the side of the nest, flapping her wings as hard as she could. And when I looked more closely, I saw the chicks flapping their wings too.


They were learning how to fly.


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